SPY swing trade parameters

Good morning traders. Approximately 70% of individual stocks trade in the same direction as the broad market which is good enough reason to discuss it here. However, today’s analysis of the S&P 500 Index (SPY) could also be viewed as its own swing trade setup. Please observe the chart below. The bears have had two solid opportunities to push the...

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Combined Signal thinkScript (D)

I will update these with commentary as time permits. I am hopping on a redeye from LA to Daytona Beach, and I am scrambling to get everything ready to go. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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Forex FlashBeck

Dollars & Cents Equities dropped again to test the near-term support level seen over the past 2 weeks but were able to rally and close up slightly by the end of the day. The dollar continues to gain as bonds are being sold off again. The dollar strengthening could also be an indication of money leaving other countries and moving...

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Market LookBeck

(Reuters) – U.S. Treasuries yields approached two-year highs and the dollar rallied broadly on Tuesday after a gauge of U.S. consumer spending rose at its fastest pace in seven months. World equities markets edged higher. U.S. stocks rebounded after a Fed official said the economic picture is too mixed for the U.S. central bank to detail its exit strategy from...

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Markets Beckstage

Dow Jones Industrial Average 15451.01 31.33 0.20% S&P 500 Index 1694.16 4.69 0.28% Nasdaq Composite 3684.44 14.49 0.39% Nasdaq 100 3141.06 15.13 0.48% Russell 2000 1051.99 -1.67 -0.16% Spot Gold 1320.15 -16.72 -1.25% Crude Oil 106.49 0.23 0.22% NYSE Overall Volume 3,035,731K n/a 9.26% Nasdaq Overall Volume 1,643,576K n/a 16.64% NYSE Breadth 1.32 : 1 negative Nasdaq Breadth 1.15 :...

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ShadowTrader Sector Trend Scores

Our statistical tracking of the ShadowTrader Sector Trend Scores has triggered a short term bullish signal for the broad market as of Tuesday’s close. This indicator has been correct 56 of the last 78 signals as a predictor of a forthcoming short term move by the broad market. An indication is credited as being successful if within three trading days...

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Bill Williams Fractals thinkScript NOW Available

Above is the dWb__WilliamsFractals.ts that is now listed in the File Bank over at dWbstreet.com, on the Introduce page. For a primer on the trading signals associated with this indicator, stop by the dWbstreet YouTube Channel. There is over one hour of footage, between the multiple segments appropriated to this trader. If more information is needed beyond that, please contact us, as...

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Anne-Marie Baiynd SMI thinkScript NOW Available

A special thanks to bemajae from the thinkScript Lounge for this beauty, with contributions from Lar and Rick-Dracut as well. This indicator was shown by Anne-Marie Baiynd during her presentation at the recent Moneyshow E-Expo during the latter part of July–it is a Stochastic Momentum Index with color gradients and dynamic arrows at stochastic crossovers. Pick this one up at...

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WoodiesCCI thinkScript NOW Available

Woodies CCI thinkScript Trading Algorithm (5 Studies) Available for Import Over at www.dWbstreet.com, on the ‘Introduce’ page, there are several new indicators available for Import into thinkorSwim by TDAmeritrade. The current set is part of a Combined Signal Trading Algorithm (CSTA) developed with Woodies CCI as the foundation. Please check out the prior Youtube clip, ‘Woodies CCI thinkScript Optimized,’ that...

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